SXSW Interactive Wrap-up

We wrapped up our booth at SXSW Interactive last week and overall it was an exciting and positive experience. Our energetic interview host Abram Boise (of MTV fame) fit his role perfectly. His engaging personality and inquisitive mind had the interviewees talking about themselves, their digital businesses, the tech industry and SXSW in general. The AP Mobile booth had some sharp minds interviewed on camera and you can watch these inspiring interviews on our ustream channel. These industry pros are paving the future of technology, and the topics they brought up were cutting-edge. Here’s a breakdown of the interviews.

Craig Aaron, CEO of Freepress. Aaron’s interview focused on major business mergers in the future and how they can help and hinder business competition and smaller businesses.

Abram Boise discusses SXSW Interactive initiatives with SXSW Interactive Director, Hugh Forrest. AP Mobile Marketing Manager Trips Reddy helps a fan at the booth.

Elizabeth Ngonzi, professor at NY University Heyman Center for Philanthropy & Fundraising. Ngonzi discussed African women empowering the tech industry using mobile channels.

Barbara Brown Wilson, Director, Center for Sustainable Development. Barbara touched on bringing design innovation to the underserved, such as public transportation and rural communities.

Bill Adair, Editor of PolitiFact. Adair told Boise all about the benefits of and the mobile app version, which allows users to extensively fact check politicians with the touch of a few buttons.

Kurt Abrahamson, CEO of Sharethis. Abrahamson discussed his website and the value of sharing online content for the publisher and the writer.

Bob Parlee, owner of Parlee Cycles. Parlee’s interview focused on his carbon fiber bicycles that use EEG to read human thoughts and control the bicycle shifting gears.

Joe Trippi, Political Strategist. Trippi discussed how online content and interaction is disrupting the two party system in America.

Dave Boyce, CEO of Fundly. Boyce was representing his investor website, Fundly. His interview focused on the future of money, such as internet and mobile transactions, with popular sites like Paypal and Google.

Abram Boise interviews Staci Baird, Internet and Social Media Strategist, while Trips Reddy answers questions at the AP Mobile booth.

Adam Gazzaley, Director of Neuroscience Imaging Center. Gazzaley touched on how the public deals with handling multiple streams of information simultaneously.

Staci Baird, Internet & Social Media Strategist at Stanford University.  Baird’s interview was about the importance of social media marketing and managing multiple social media accounts.

Kahu Abe, Fellow at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in NYC. Abe’s interview touched on digital art and media in today’s world.

Michael Boord, Global Director of AP Mobile. Boord gave a brief breakdown of The Associated Press’s move to mobile technology and the app’s latest design.

Doug Marinaro, Marinaro discussed the effect of mobile technology on the average work week.

Marshall Seese Jr, Mogily Games. Seese talked about how his company is changing social games.

Nadav Aharony, graduate of MIT Media Labs. Aharony discussed investigating social mechanisms using mobile phones.

Aasil Ahmad, Ahmad’s conversation with Boise touched on social media’s impact on politics.

Max Linsky, Linsky spoke on the importance of long text on mobile devices.

Ariel Waldman, founder of Waldman discussed public space exploration using home computers.

Eva Galperin, Electronic Frontier Foundation. Galperin had an engaging conversation with Boise about protecting civil rights online.

Tatiana Ryckman, Space Chimp Media. On behalf of the Space Chimp Media team, Tatiana spoke of the importance of mobile app marketing to make apps financially successful.

Bob Gruen, Famed Rock ‘n’ Roll Photographer. Gruen’s compelling interview covered working with several famous bands over the decades, including The Clash and Green Day.

Matt Conn, Bandpage. Conn promoted his website and discussed optimizing social media for music acts.

Michael Schneider,  Schneider discussed creating mobile apps on a budget and utilizing user-friendly tools to do so.

John Boyer, The Plaid Avenger comic. Boyer touched on using social media and online tools to engage large student audiences.

Lauren Rae Levy, Fashion Celebrity Stylist. Levy’s interview covered wearing confidence as an accessory and working with celebrities.

Jeff Fedor, Fedor talked about consolidating digital media and the portability of modern technology.

Eric Bieller, Bieller discussed filming Earth events from outer space and documenting the planet through film for historical reasons.

Pasha Roberts, Film Director. Roberts spoke about the creation of his latest animated film, Silver Circle.

Abram Boise interviews Jeff Fedor of about technology consolidation.

Vickie Nauman, Nauman discussed online music and the difficulties of obtaining rights and licensing.

Hugh Forrest, Director of SXSW Interactive. Forrest gave an overview of how SXSW has grown and changed over the years, and how SXSW Interactive is reacting with SXSW Music and Film.

Kirk Schroder, Entertainment Lawyer. Schroder touched on clearance rights for filmmakers and others involved in film.

Trips Reddy, AP Mobile Marketing Manager. Reddy gave a demo of the latest version of AP Mobile which launched in mid-March, 2012.