Samsung Moment users experiencing problems with AP Mobile

Some users are having trouble installing AP Mobile onto Samsung Moment phones. We have identified the problem and have issued a fix. We look forward to releasing a new, compatible version in the near future and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We’ll update this notice when an update is available.

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AP to ‘push’ breaking news alerts to iPhone 3.0 users

The AP Mobile team is excited to use Apple’s “push notification” to send breaking news alerts to iPhone users.

During testing, Ing. Francisco Xavier González Alvarez, an AP Mobile beta user, witnessed a strong earthquake in Mexico City and got an AP alert a “couple of minutes after the earthquake ended.” Alvarez told us the functionality is “a new level of real-time information.” And that’s
just what we hope to provide.

The AP reports a huge volume of news each day, but we don’t plan to “push” every headline. We realize that would be overwhelming and not terribly useful. Our editors will be selective. And when important news breaks that our users need to know, we’ll send an alert as soon as possible.

Please let us know what you think! We welcome your feedback.

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Responding to your comments about AP Mobile 2.0.1 for iPhone

Thanks for all your feedback to 2.0.1. We would like to let you know that we are working on addressing all your great comments. In the next release we will ensure that the update process is seamless, story scrolling is much more smooth, the edit button on the More screen is reinstated and that you do not lose any personally stored information.

Some people have let us know that they liked having Top News as the first screen as opposed to the new fully customizable Front Page. If you like the earlier version better you can either navigate to Categories > Top News and leave the application on this page. Alternatively you can switch off all categories other than Top News Headlines and switch the number of stories to download in Settings to 5.

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iPhone 2.0 Fix released to Apple App Store

A new version of AP Mobile has been loaded to the Apple App Store. Version 2.0.1 addresses the bug that some users were seeing when upgrading from 1.5.1. The new version also allows users to view weather in Celsius or Fahrenheit. We will update this post when the application goes live on App Store.

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AP Mobile 2.0 for iPhone released

AP Mobile 2.0 has launched today on iTunes. You can download the application directly from iTunes App Store.

Please note: This is considerable update to AP News. Some users who already have 1.5.1 are experiencing problems upgrading to 2.1. We are working on a urgent fix to this but, in the meantime, please delete AP News from your phone before downloading and installing.

AP Mobile v2.0 Features include:

  • Front Page, a simple way for you to choose your news.
  • Choose Your News. Customize the application by switching on and off categories that interest you.
  • Customize the number of stories that are shown on the Front Page.
  • Select your region for region-specific news.
  • Added localization for French and Spanish.
  • Added current weather and five-day forecast.
  • You can now choose which local papers show up in your weather tab.
  • Changed application icon.
  • Increased content (Health, Science, Press Releases).
  • Control the size of the font you use to read stories.
  • Read stories vertically or horizontally.
  • Send to AP allows you to send breaking stories directly to AP from your phone.
  • Send stories directly to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Fixed photo viewer. Photos can now be stretched fullscreen.
  • Fixed Story Rating.
  • Read more than 10 stories in feeds.
  • Major increases to stability.
  • Bug fixes.
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MNN for iPhone version 1.5 released

Version 1.5 of the Mobile News Network for iPhone was released to the app store and we suggest that all users of the Mobile News Network upgrade. Download it directly from the iTunes App Store at  The latest version addresses a number of bugs and increases the stability of the application. In addition, the application adds the following features:

  1. Refresh the content of a category on the fly with a new refresh button.
  2. Rate stories and see how others have rated the same story.
  3. Added more Business and Tech content
  4. Server-side search now allows you to search all available news stories for the last 30 days, not just those cached on your device.
  5. Watch high resolution video over WIFI and when you are out and about watch low resolution video over EDGE.
  6. The app now remembers where you were in a list when you go navigate back from a story.
  7. Send report has been moved to the top level. Send the AP breaking news reports from your iPhone.

If you have any issues or would like to get in touch with the team with suggestions, please use the form below.

– Benjamin Mosse, Director, Mobile

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