AP Mobile video graphics explore complex, quirky

Video graphics are a new genre of visual journalism for The Associated Press and are available on our iPhone and Palm Pre mobile applications.

The short videos aim to give depth, background or context to a story making headlines.  Others may take a quirky or offbeat approach.  Through the combined use of graphics, illustration, animation, photos and video, AP’s interactive producers aim to say a lot with very little time. That’s what makes these projects so unique!


For example, when cyber attacks caused outages on prominent government-run sites in both the U.S. and South Korea, our team used animated graphics to explain visually how this type of attack works.

Or perhaps you’re more interested in learning about a selection of the new words added to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. If you check out our video graphic, you’ll get the exact pronunciation along with an animated rendition of the definition. No dictionary can do that!

These projects are produced twice weekly. Whatever the topic, we seek to inform, entertain and create a memorable experience. We hope you’ll be inspired to share them by text or e-mail your friends.  Let us know what you think – e-mail us at apmobile@ap.org.

–Arian Smedley, mobile editor


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