Ask your news questions; we’ll answer them

ASK AP LOGOOne of the new features in the Mobile News Network is the Ask AP content tab. Ask AP is a weekly question-and-answer column where the Associated Press answers readers’ questions about the news.

Each week, editors select three or four e-mailed questions, and journalists who are experts on the topic provide the answers. In addition to MNN, the Q & A appears online and in newspapers.

Readers can submit questions to Since the feature launched in early 2008, the AP has received nearly a thousand questions. They have ranged from “Where do reporters go to stay safe during a hurricane?” to “What ever happened to Tiny Tim?” (You’ll have to read the column to find out).

When choosing to answer a question, editors consider whether the question would be of interest to the general public, its relevance to recent news developments, or if it would elicit an answer that offers interesting historical perspective on the news.

Please note, all submissions are read by AP editors, but we don’t answer questions we’ve answered before or use the column to respond to reader opinions.

Submit your own questions to and check out the latest installment:!

— Caroline Kim, Mobile Editor


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