Mobile News Network for iPhone v1.4 launched

Mobile News Network 1.4 for iPhone Mobile News Network was released today on Apple iTunes. Version 1.4 includes patches that offer both more stability and more content. We recommend that you upgrade to this version as it adds a number of new features and functions requested by users.

At the same time, we have noticed comments in the App Store that some users are having problems installing the application. For those experiencing problems we recommend the following helpful solutions:

  1. If you see the following error message, “Mobile News experienced an error updating. Please restart and try again” we recommend that you restart your iPhone after downloading the application. Manually power down your iPhone and then re-power up.
  2. Alternatively, if the problem continues after trying this fix, manually delete the application from your iPhone and then reinstall it from the App Store.

Please note, that this version of the Mobile News Network was released for iPhone 2.1 and if you are using 2.0 you will need to update your phone to use the application.

One final note, please be aware that the first time you use the application, you will notice a delay while content is refreshed. You won’t experience this delay again — it’s a function of  downloading content for the first time.

UPDATE: In some instances, especially in photo galleries, we have noticed that users have had problems with the application crashing. We’ve been able to replicate the problem here and will have a fix ready shortly. If you continue to have problems, email us at or complete the form below with your email address, device type (iPod Touch/iPhone), the Reference # (available from the Mobile News section in Settings) and a short description of your problem.


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