Launching the Mobile News Network Blog

Welcome to our first posting for the Mobile News Network (MNN). The purpose of this site is to provide our users with relevant information about upcoming product enhancements, including new features and product rollouts. In addition, we’ll use this site to share tips for getting the most out of your MNN experience and to answer your questions.

As our growing base of loyal users know, the Mobile News Network is the unrivaled source of trusted news for your mobile phone, with more than 1,000 local sources of news available to date. MNN was launched on May 5 by a dedicated mobile team at The Associated Press, in conjunction with AP’s membership, and is the first product out of AP’s Digital Cooperative. Since the launch of the Mobile News Network mobile Web site ( we have developed a downloadable client application for the iPhone and released a beta version for the Blackberry (available from App World). We are committed to becoming the best mobile news source and welcome your feedback (we can be reached at

Our first update posting announcing new product features and functions for the iPhone (based on your feedback to date) will be later this week.


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